"English’s style is rooted in folk, with distinct Laurel Canyon flourishes that hint to his SoCal origins. His voice is a husky blend of John Prine and Joe Henry ... 
It’s little wonder that he’s been tapped to open shows for such bands as Delta Spirit and Cold War Kids." - by Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times
"His vocals are raw, his performances arresting." Luke Brogden, Blank News
"His personal style shines through with varied structures, instrumental depth and no self-imposed constraints..." Jer Cole, News Sentinel



Dining Womb EP (2017)

The dining room is the spot I chose to record these 5 tracks. They're live takes, recorded straight to 1/4 inch tape (cassette). This was an incredibly daunting task for me -- letting the songs speak for themselves and not using modern (and useful) recording technology. As an artist I've struggled with being a perfectionist, with comparing myself to other talent, with obsessing over what the listener might think. This project was an opportunity to battle those demons and to give birth to a new way. A few of these songs came from that indescribable place in all of us. That place where you couldn't duplicate or do it again if you tried for a hundred years. 
I ran into an insightful priest at the coffee shop and he told me how the sanctuary symbolized the womb, a place of transformation and rebirth. At that time my wife Corey and I had been associating our dining room as a sanctuary, the place where we spent many mornings in prayer and meditation. It's also my favorite spot in the house to write and sing -- it just has a good ring to it. So after a series of jokes, Corey nailed it and penned our little "sanctuary" as The Dining Womb. 

Release date 11-17-17, recorded on a Portastudio 424 mkiii 4-track