A Norman Rockwell Christmas Tale

from my Norman Rockwell plate collection

from my Norman Rockwell plate collection

I've put out a small collection of Christmas songs free to download at https://joeyenglishmusic.bandcamp.com

"Christmas On My Roof" is an original song inspired by my attempt to put Christmas lights on the roof (this turned out to be more dangerous than I anticipated). After writing the first couple lines the song somehow turned into a story of self-pity and heartache -- a relatively common holiday experience right?!

Norman Rockwell also made his way into the chorus... He's always on my mind this time of year. That's because about four years ago at an estate sale I bought a large amount of collectible Norman Rockwell Christmas plates (at least 100 plates). I figured this would be the start of an eBay empire; but, alas, they're still in my attic literally hanging over my head. Every year I bring a few plates down to add some Christmas flavor to our home and I always find a kindred spirit in Rockwell's little snapshots of the common American. 

I hope there's a kindred spirit in these Christmas tunes as well.

So, thank you Norman Rockwell, and many thanks to Ashley Roxanne Murray for donating her angelic voice on "What Child Is This."

I hope you enjoy this gift and have a merry Christmas!


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