Happy 2018

There's something about January that I've grown to like. Albeit the weather is terrible, all the trees are dead, utility bills run high, the nights are long...  

After all the holiday shenanigans, the nostalgia of being with family, the sad tinge of remembering the past, the behaving strangely to avoid certain memories -- I come home and feel the need to shut down. Close the blinds, turn up the heater, turn on Frasier. After a couple days the misery of being a useless human being begins to set in. Then comes the nagging thought that you can't go on like this -- that you'll have to get up and pick up wherever you left off in December. 

That's where I'm at. And this is the part of January I've grown to like. That day when you decide to get out of your mindless cocoon, when you dust yourself off and write a to-do list:

  • send xmas stuff to attic
  • also put suitcases in attic
  • organize all the scattered paperwork in workspace
  • continue email newsletter
  • look into gym membership
  • have spiritual workout
  • read and write
  • do dishes
  • go back to soda stream, cans of seltzer getting expensive
  • FaceTime your nephews
  • spend time with wife without phone
  • get rid of telephone wires in house
  • fix the door knob
  • get wheels aligned
  • need new brake lights

And so the new year begins. It's a hazy list, but it's enough to get the wheels rolling again. 

Happy New Year!

Joey EnglishComment